Our mission is to reduce unsafe needle injections around the world by educating the public.


About SafePoint

We believe that every person across the world has the right to ask for - and receive - a sterile and safe injection. This means that the injection is given using a new syringe each time, taken out of a packet, used once and then disposed of safely. Our goal is to educate people about injection safety, so that the billions of injections given each year are administered in the safest possible way.


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Martin Lurther King Jr.


What We Do

Syringe re-use is the main source of cross-infection in the developing world, infecting innocent people with blood-borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. A syringe is re-used on average 4 times in the developing world, making a trip to your local doctor or healthcare worker a game of Russian roulette.

We run public awareness campaigns targeting both healthcare workers and the general public, to increase knowledge of how to give and receive a safe injection, and the consequences of an unsafe one. Our mission is to also drive policy change at ministerial level ensuring that AD syringes are made standard, and available in countries that need them most. Informing from grassroots to government level is paramount to produce an efficient healthcare system.


1.3 Million

people are killed from unsafe injections every year.

24 seconds

frequency which someone dies from an unsafe injection.


Average number of times a syringe is reused in the developing world.


Implementing such a legislation change and enforcing it, also eliminates the huge financial burden of caring for those infected, not only in terms of hospitalization and nursing, but in the procurement of medication and long-term treatment of patients.

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Working Together

If you are interested in informing the public about unsafe needle usage and the enormous toll it continues to impose on the world, let's talk.

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